Using BzBots students can learn how to program their first battling robot. Students can devise their very own battle strategy while learning the concepts of robotics and how to make their robot sense, plan and act. Our class coding teaching tool engages students with a fun and exciting activity while teaching the underlying fundamentals of computational thinking and problem solving.

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Connecting to the Robots
  1. Once the arena has been assembled, power on the control box by plugging it into a power outlet.
  2. When the control box has booted you will see a Wi-Fi access point called BZBox ###
  3. Connect to this access point, with the password: robotics
    Note: it is normal for your computer to say that no internet connection is available
  4. When you are connected to the Wi-FI access point, access the BZBot interface by navigating to
  5. Making sure your robot is turned on, select the color for your robot
Product Contents
Item Quantity
BZBot Fighting Robot 4
Control Box with Integrated Camera 1
Printed Mats 2